Members of the Military Police on Board the Strathallan

I am researching for info about the torpedoing of the Strathallan.
I am in the process of writing a novel based on the true story about my Mum and Dad
Dad (Tom Blowman) was a Yorkshire lad from Hull and in 1942 volunteered by enlisting in the East Yorkshire Military Police.
He often talked about being torpedoed in the Med aboard the Strathallan.
Sadly as we all seem to do, I didn’t explore enough about that period in his life whilst he was alive and am now desperately trying to piece some facts together that would have been relevant to his part in that episode.
He met my mother in Southern Italy and married her in 1946 in Taranto before he left Italy for demob and my mum followed him to England 2 months or so later
They remained happily married for 55 years

Any info that anyone might have that would assist, no matter how unimportant that snippet may seem, would be greatly appreciated.
If you have any clues as to where I could conduct further research that would also be welcome.
My father does relate the story of how assembled on deck that night in the moonlight with destroyers approaching the Strathallan to take personnel off the stricken ship he suddenly thought about his shaving gear. In his own words he stupidly decided to descend 7 decks (I think I remember him referring to F Deck) back to his bunk to retrieve his beloved shaving gear before returning on deck.
He said he was always grateful when on duty in the desert that he was able to have a shave every morning – a ritual he followed for every day of his life.
Hence the name of my embryonic novel “ A Close Shave”
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