Hello, I am trying to find out more about my Great Uncle, Samuel Baderman, who was in 10 Salvage Unit, Pioneer Corps.

He was killed in the war on 21 December 1942 and I have always been told he was on a troop ship as part of Operation Torch. I was also told he was on the troop ship Windsor Castle, but this didn’t add up as that was sunk in 1943. I then found this site and believe I may have found the right ship – the dates clearly match.

Can anyone confirm which troops were on board? Was 10 Salvage Unit there? If my Great Uncle was indeed on board his death is even more tragic as it appears he was one of only 11 casualties out of 5,000+ souls on board.

Any help or further information would be greatly appreciated – thank you.

Paul Baderman
London, UK

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