Welcome to the Strathallan Story

 The SS Strathallan was one of more than 2000 ships torpedoed
 by German U Boats during World War 2.

Somewhere on the ocean floor off Algeria in the Mediterranean Sea lies a once proud passenger liner. Whether it is lying on its port or starboard side or even erect we do not know…. but what we are aware of is a gaping hole at the water line on the port side caused by a torpedo from a German submarine which resulted in the liner capsizing...

Image: The SS Strathallan

SS Strathallan

04.02.1940: Requisitioned by the Ministry of Shipping for service as a troop transport ship. Read about the history from build to her ultimate fate.

Image: Map showing location of Strathallan sinking

where was she sank?

Extracts from official report by The Master of SS Strathallan Captain JH Biggs CB. View the log book from the U-Boat that fired the torpedo.

Image: German U-Boat surrender

which u-boat sank her?

With a U-Boat at the centre of the Strathallan Story we have deviated somewhat to give a brief history on this most frightening of war machines.

Image: Soldiers advancing on beach head

How many survived?

Read Amazing Survivor reports. Learn about her sister ships. Contact comrades and relatives throughout the world and share memories.

Image: Jim Gormley with comrades

jim gormley

Jim reported to the editor that when he leaped on to a mattress onboard a warship and taken to Oran. He never heard another word about Strathallan.

Image: Sir Winston Churchill famous victory sign

operation torch

What strategic plans did Churchill put into place to defeat this madman, what part did our allies play &when did Operation Torch commence?