U-Boat 562 Commanders

Oberleutnant zur Herwig Collman

Oberleutnant zur Herwig Collman

From March 1941 through September 1941: Oberleutnant zur Herwig Collman







Kapitanleutnant zur Horst Hamm

Kapitanleutnant zur Horst Hamm

Oberleutnant zur Herwig Collman

From September 1941 through February 1942: Kapitanleutnant zur Horst Hamm – Born on 17 Mar, 1916 in Düsseldorf.

Crew 1935. Kapitänleutnant (1 Sep, 1942). Died on 19 Feb, 1943, Mediterranean
As far as I have been able to ascertain, U-562 was the only U-Boat ever commanded by either of these two officers, and U-562 was only ever under the command of these two naval officers.

Below you will see the official U562 log book containing the report from Kapitanleutnant Horst Hamm on his torpedoing of The Strathallan 21st December 1942. To view larger image just click on the image itself.

Horst Hamm recorded “Alarm” at 0116:hrs this was obviously the sighting of Strathallan. This poignant historical document was kindly supplied by The Ministry of Defence.

The times on U562 log book coincide with survivor reports of the torpedo explosion.



  1. Hello, I have been on Youtube.com watching various film clips under the titles ‘Royal Navy at war-A Sailors view-in colour’ in this particular film it shows SS Strathallen in colour. The film run time starts at 28:48 of 59:22 minutes. Perhaps you may want to obtain this film for your website.

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