Robert Lloyd

T5123167 Pte Robert Lloyd

T5123167 Pte Robert Lloyd, my beloved dad was on the SS Strathallan when she was torpedoed in Dec 1942 off Oran, Nth Africa. He was on ‘G’ deck in his hammock when it was struck. He was in the army transport section although he was a 1st class turner by trade.

He told me a few details of what happened on that fateful night but like many of the survivors he never really went into great detail. [pullquote]
The memory of the events stayed with him all his life and many times did he suffer nightmares about it. He also suffered from claustrophobia because of it.

He told me he and his company had to wait in the dark on ‘G’ deck until all the other decks above had been cleared and then steadily move upwards un til he eventually saw the sky again. Something he blessed God for. Sadly, dad died 6th Nov 2004 in Alicante,Spain aged 82 yrs after celebrating 62 yrs of happy marriage to my mum, Mary only a few weeks previous. He had lived in Spain for 19 months prior to his passing and is buried in Torrevieja cemetery overlooking the Mediterranean Sea that he loved and almost opposite Oran across the water. Dad was in ‘E’ Platoon, 349 ATC Coy, RASC based in High Wycombe prior to embarkation SS Strathallan.

If anyone remembers dad, known as ‘BOB’ please would you email me with details as I know my mum would love to hear from you. She lives here in Spain with me. Dad was also great friends with Don Beard, Chris and George (surnames unknown) who went to Singapore prior to dad being posted to North Africa. If anyone can remember anything about these mates, again please email me. I would be very pleased to make contact.
God Bless all the brave soldiers and nurses where ever you are or served.
In loving memory of my hero, my dad who would have loved to have seen this website. His daughter, Jan