A QAIMNS sister is buried in Le Petit Lac Cemetery just outside Oran. She died on 21.12.42 and her name is Janet Davidson. Did she die because of the Strathallan sinking or is it just coincidence?

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  1. Heydon Buchanan 1 year ago

    Ref. Sister Janet Davidson. I was in the Scottish War Museum in 2014 and saw her death written as Dec. 21, 1942. Considering that date as the sinking of the Strathallan, I imagine she died that day. Perhaps drowned when that one lifeboat tipped over as it was being lowered into the ocean.

  2. Heydon Buchanan 1 year ago

    I would bet 100 to 1 that Sister Davidson died as a result of the Strathallan’s sinking. She was one of five QAIMNS members who died on 21 December 1942. As I recall, the Scottish War Museum’s listing of war casualties listed those five deaths as being “at sea.”

  3. Fiona Mitford, MBA, RGN 1 year ago

    Hello Les, I have recently been researching the QA’s onboard HMT Strathallen, and yes, Janet was indeed one of the casualties of that terrible attack. What was amazing was that 5,116 soles survived the attack.
    Here are a few snips for you:
    She was a Nursing Sister in the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service [QAIMNS] travelling on a troopship, HMT Strathallan, that had departed from Gourock on the Clyde, near Glasgow, Scotland, at 0430 hours on 12 December 1942, destined for North Africa with 5,132 soles aboard.
    She was travelling with 247 other QAIMNS Nurses, the nursing element of a General Hospital under the auspices of Matron Lucy Constance WANE, when it was torpedoed by a German U-Boat, on the morning of 21 December 1942. Sixteen died in the attack, six crew, five soldiers and five QA Nursing Sisters, of which Janet was one.
    Her Bio: Janet McFarlane DAVIDSON, SRN, RFN (1913-21 Dec 1942), daughter of Andrew and Helen DAVIDSON, of Law Junction, Lanarkshire, Scotland. She was the only one of the five QA’s who lost their lives in the attack that was not recorded on the Brookwood 1939-1945 Memorial, and it is likely her remains were found and identified, as she was buried in Le Petit Lac Cemetery just outside of Oran, Algeria, Plot E. Row D. Grave 27. Her Service number was 234420. RIP

    The other four Sisters are commemorated on the Brookwood 1939-1945 MEMORIAL, Panel 22, Column 2, and it is likely likely that their bodies were never found, and presumably drowned.

    A sad day in Nursing history

  4. Fiona Mitford, MBA, RGN 1 year ago

    Absolutely, see my account of some of the nurses at: https://heirs2u.blogspot.com/2018/05/sister-amy-sayers-queen-alexandras.html


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